Jaded Dawn, Stripper & Adult Model

Born and raised in Iowa, Jaded Dawn Cervantes is a nationally popular men’s club feature entertainer, adult model, belly dancer, porn actress, and fetishist – indeed, a very busy woman. As a feature entertainer in well-known strip clubs, Dawn is known for her aerial acrobatics and outstanding figure, she stands vertically at 5’2”, horizontally at a triple D size, and weighs 119 lbs., a scrumptious morsel at 40 years old if there ever was one.

A huge “Walking Dead” fan and avid reader of books on spirituality, Dawn manages her career from her home in Des Moines, Iowa, and travels frequently to do her shows and compete in nude beauty contests. She’s won more than 30 international and national titles, including “Miss Nude Entertainer of the Year,” “Miss Exotic International,” “Miss Nude World,” and “Showgirl of the Year.” God bless the power of a tall glass of milk.

Dawn sometimes appears in lesbian porn movies, preferring to keep her heterosexual activities private. The daughter of a go-go girl and stripper, Dawn is well-known in the South Florida kink circuit as having tickled the fancy of many men and women. One of the hardest working women in exotic dancing, Dawn keeps a strict exercise and diet regimen, and has no intentions of quitting the stage while she still looks like 19.

Jaded Dawn

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Those Cups Runneth Over

Have you ever just wanted to unwrap walnuts, squeeze a banana, undo a fly, grab two melons with your fingers, and say, “Baby, what succulent fruit?” Well, on this episode of “I Am Citizen Abels,” feel free. Because the gorgeous and gregarious and bubbly and conversant (you get the picture) loveliness named Jaded Dawn even gives The Citizen a free pass to engage in verbal intercourse like you’ve never heard except out of the bedroom window of your Puerto Rican neighbors next door. Mamacita, you looking deliciosa!

Jaded Dawn, stripper, adult model, and sometimes porn performer par excellence, celebrates nudity in all its forms and shapes – big asses to triple D’s – with The Citizen on this show, recorded December 7, 2016, and The Citizen is ready for it all the way, right down to the boner.

So sit tight, unloosen the belt, call for a booty call, and prepare to watch Jaded slide down your naked pole, as she exposes every lie in the adult industry (it’s a hard, hard business). Nothing goes untouched as The Citizen reveals his most secret fantasy – watching a pair of tits bounce up and down on a tight little body clinging to a horse (or some thing like it). It’s bottom up, clothes off, and cups of cumin coming to you. Oh, baby!!!

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Audio Clips Used In This Episode

1. Brother Theodore, comedy monologue, “Quadrupedism”

2. Jaded Dawn in a radio interview talking about rose petals and champagne

3. “Go Go Dancer,” sung by Lana Del Rey

4. Monologue on strip clubs by comedian Gabriel Iglesias

5. Porn stars talk about the best way to eat pussy on an “Ask A Porn Star” podcast

6. Rebecca Felgate tells us about the top 10 reasons why having big boobs would suck on her “Most Amazing Top 10” podcast

7. “Luv Them Strippers,” sung by 2 Chainz with Nicki Minaj

8. Jaded Dawn and Shay Lynn speak with a reporter at the AVN Awards

9. A TV news reporter talks about a bust at a strip club in Miami

10. Chris Rock doing a routine about his most important job as a father

11. A 1967 Noxzema shave cream commercial featuring Swedish model Gunilla Knutson

12. Mae West with Cary Grant in the 1933 movie, “I’m No Angel”

13. A cosmetic surgeon talks about his approach to repairing a breast augmentation surgery on a stripper

14. “Crazy Bitch,” sung by the group, Buckhorn

15. A comedy short about staring at women’s breasts

16. “Strip It Down,” sung by Luke Bryan

17. Robin Williams in a routine about porn

18. “Subterranean Homesick Blues,” written and performed by Bob Dylan on the album, “Bringing It All Back Home”

19. “Girls, Girls, Girls,” written by Written by Mick Mars, Nikki Sixx, and Tommy Lee, and performed by the all-girl Mötley Crüe Tribute Band

Text Of This Episode’s Introduction And Closing Thoughts

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